An Examination of Language Learning Strategies Used by College Students in Mainland China

An Examination of Language Learning Strategies Used by College Students in Mainland China

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An Examination of Language Learning Strategies Used by College Students in Mainland China
Language learning strategies have become a favorite topic in the study of second language acquisition in the past five decades. Large amount of descriptive work and empirical evidences from the research of language learning strategies show that the use of strategies facilitates students’ academic achievements in language learning (Cohen, 1998; Ellis, 2008; Mizumoto &Takeuchi, 2009; Oxford, 1989; Saricoban, 2008). Studies have also claimed that good language learners not only use different strategies compared with poor language learners, but also use language learning strategies more flexibly, frequently and effectively (Gass & Selinker, 2001; Liu, 2006). Researchers have also investigated factors that affect students’ choices of strategies in the process of language learning. Language learners’ level of proficiency seems to be the most influential one that affect students of different level of education (Kashefian-Naeeini & Maarof, 2010; Liu, 2008; Ngnyen & Godwyll, 2010; Tragant & Victori, 2012; Tsai & Chang, 2009; Zhang, Gu, & Hu, 2008). Besides, cultural and language learning environment (Abbott, 2006;ALPTEKIN, 2007; Hong-Nam & Leavell, 2007; Kameli, Mostapha, & Baki, 2012; Magno, Filho, & Lajom, 2011; Pritchard, 1990), gender (KAYAOGLU, 2012), assessment method (Huang, 2010), personalities (Chen & Hung, 2012), anxiety (Noormohamadi, 2009) and major (Rao & Liu, 2011) are also confirmed to be influential in the choice of strategies. All the research indicates a necessary for strategy study on the EFL learners in China.
Literature Review
Good language learner and high score students
Rubin (1975) defined language-learning strate...

... middle of paper ...

...esearchers will explain to them the purpose and significance of the investigation. After that, researchers will read the directions in the questionnaire and illustrate how to respond to each item for the participants. Lastly, questionnaires will be collected after participants finished the survey.
Data Analysis
All the data collected will be processed by SPSS 17.0 with the alpha value set at .05. Data analyses include the computation of descriptive statistics like means, standard deviation and frequencies to compile information about demographics of the participants and to calculate overall strategy use. In order to determine any variation in strategy use relative to major, year of study, language proficiency, a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) is conducted using those factors as independent variables and the six categories of strategies as dependent variables.

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