An Examination of House Bill 051 Concurrent to Senate Bill 025, Relative to School Consolidation

An Examination of House Bill 051 Concurrent to Senate Bill 025, Relative to School Consolidation

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One of the first bills passed during the 107th General Assembly was the greatly discussed House Bill 51(HB51)/Senate Bill 25 (SB25) by Representative Curry Todd of Collierville and Senator Mark Norris of Collierville respectfully. From the beginning, this bill encountered a plethora of backlash from the community to which the bill was aimed— Shelby County. This bill became known as the consolidation bill and was scrutinized to a great extent by Shelby County officials as well as Memphis City officials. The bill basically makes consolidation of any school system much more intricate especially with regards to special school systems. This includes Shelby County Schools and the impending consolidation with Memphis City Schools. There was one significant amendment added to the bill that completely re-wrote the bill. It was added to the bill with the intent of making it stronger and exceedingly difficult to defeat. Not only did the amendment, that initially made the bill, list out a transition plan, it also made an addition which called for the Speaker of the House, Speaker of the Senate, and the Governor to appoint qualified and competent citizens to serve as members of this newly created transition team.

Factors Leading the Creation of the Bill
Along with certain other caveats House Bill 51 created to lessen the chances of Memphis City Schools consolidating with Shelby County Schools, the amendment also made several assumptions in order to prepare for certain inevitable occurrences. It stated that not only should there be a fair and balanced team of people in order to ensure a well meted out transition, but it also called for the transition team, which is made up of elected and appointed officials, to for...

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...ined action and lasting change in 2011” (Frist, 2011). This seems to show promise for continuing achievement in the Tennessee public school system. House Bill 51 not only shows promise for progress within the Shelby County and Memphis City School System, it also seems to bring hope to other counties within Tennessee that if for some reason other counties find themselves in the same situation, a drawn out battle is not necessary because it has already been had.

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