An Examination of Global Warming

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What exactly is global warming and what is it doing to our planet? How are we to know that the effects will not cause harm to the earth and all the residents that live on it? Numerous questions arise and countless lies are sent out to answer these inquiries. Because there are many different opinions on this topic, often times they contradict each other completely. Some people believe that humans are causing it while others believe it is just another result of the trapped CO2 and methane. The Greenhouse effect, changes since the Global Warming and incorrectly presented statistics are all contradictions involved in Global warming. What is the Greenhouse effect? It is warming close to the earth’s surface that happens when the earth’s atmosphere locks in the sun’s heat. Infrared radiation is sent back into the atmosphere which is heat energy. Too much infrared radiation causes an overheating but not enough to warm the earth by more than 1.5 to 2*F. Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be too cold so it is necessary. The forests absorb gas but they are being destroyed. The Greenhouse gases are CO2 and CH4 (methane) and H2O (water). The CO2 and CH4 are transparent when they come to the earth but when they try to leave, the Ozone layer traps them in and they reflect the sun’s rays which warms the earth too much (World Book 383). “The warming during the summer, which has the greatest impact on the stability of the ice shelves, has been linked to the ozone hole and increasing greenhouse gases” (British Antarctic Survey 1). Seeing the changes in polar ice and how its melting is easy to do but when people try to predict what is going to happen to the earth’s climate in the future, the facts get lost. The way it works is simply ... ... middle of paper ... ...; that is a fact. It is something that is just part of the earth’s cycles. The earth warms and cools all the time but technology hasn’t been advanced enough to see the changes to recently. Scientists take the data they discover and they stretch it over the assumed age of the earth and say that is accurate even though in truth, it is only about 100 years of data they are basing their calculations on. The world will not reach a temperature so hot that people will die because of global warming. In I Thessalonians 5:21a it says “But examine everything carefully…” Look at all the facts and decipher which ones are legit. Also, a knowledge of topics that are prominent in the world today will help people understand the different angles of these issues. Though preventing the process completely may be impossible, slowing down the effects may help the planet be lovely longer.

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