An Examination of Capital Punishment Essay

An Examination of Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital punishment also known as the death penalty is when a person who has been convicted by the court of law can be sentenced to death. This occurs when a defendant is being tried with a criminal offense; such as the conscious murder of a peace officer on active duty, or a federal agent. This punishment has been a constant debate throughout our history. People claim it to be unjust or a cruel and unusual punishment, while another part of our population claims that this consequence is not used enough. Capital punishment is not a problem only here but around the world as well; there is constant arguing and debates, here and around the globe, about the moralities of this punishment. This has been an unsurpassable struggle from the beginning, and now we are left to wonder if there is even a rightful way to end this dilemma.
People can be convicted with capital punishment for many things such as; if a person murders a peace officer or a fireman acting in official duty. Also, if a person a person commits a murder while trying to commit a kidnapping, robbery, aggravated sexual assault, burglary, obstruction, arson, or terroristic threat (Texas Penal Code Section 19.03 ‘2’). As well as when someone commits a murder for compensation, or when someone commits a murder while attempting to escape from imprisonment. And when someone who is in prison murders someone who is employed in the prison, or murders someone for a profit you can be charged with capital punishment. If a prisoner murders anyone while incarcerated, or if a person murders anyone under the age of six. These are some of the offenses that if committed that person will be charged with capital murder and can be put to death.
Capital punishment has been an ongoing pro...

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