An Evaluation Of Potential Child Abuse Or Neglect With The Department Of Human Services ( Dhs )

An Evaluation Of Potential Child Abuse Or Neglect With The Department Of Human Services ( Dhs )

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Presenting Situation/History
On August 1, 2015, Ms. Jane Adams, the social worker at St. Mary Corwin Hospital, filed a report of potential child abuse or neglect with the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Pueblo. She suspected the Goode children might have suffered from abuse or neglect when Mrs. Blossom Goode took Rose, Lilly, and Iris to the emergency room that day. Upon examination, hospital staff noted that Lilly had substantial chest congestion and a high fever while Rose had back, neck, and thigh bruises. The staff did not record any concerns for Iris. The conditions of Rose and Lilly promoted the Pueblo County DHS to request an emergency order for temporary custody until this custody hearing.
During the children’s hospital stay, Ms. Sunflower Goode arrived and removed Lilly and Iris before hospital staff was aware. Mr. Goode took Rose to his home after her discharge with the court-ordered consent of Judge Ruth Ginsberg. Rose was unavailable to her mother at the time of her mother’s arrival at the hospital. A subsequent court order alerted Jefferson County DHS and El Paso County DHS to return Lilly and Iris to Pueblo County DHS upon identifying their locations. The Jefferson County DHS found Iris when investigating earlier reports of possible neglect. El Paso County DHS found Rose with her mother at a local hotel. Both of the children returned to Pueblo County DHS on August 6, 2015.
In their office interview, Mr. and Mrs. Goode stated they have taken the children to the emergency room on a monthly basis and have called the child abuse hotline six times.
Reason for Referral
Judge Ginsberg ordered a complete social history of the Goode family to help her decide the safest, healthiest, and most supportive custody arr...

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...ain situations. She remains calm when with Mr. Goode and Mr. and Mrs. Y’s son.
Evidence-Based Application. Lowell, Renk, and Adgate study how a maltreated child’s attachment type affects them in short-term and long-term ways in their 2014 peer-reviewed article “The Role of Attachment in the Relationship between Child Maltreatment and Later Emotional and Behavioral Functioning.” They state children who experience maltreatment may have a disorganized/disoriented attachment type and view their maltreating parent as someone with whom they must cope. Newman and Newman (2009) build on this definition by noting that children with this attachment type behave in “unpredictable ways” to handle intense fear (as cited in Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013, p. 138). Lilly’s behavior during her visit with Ms. Sunflower Goode may have been an outburst reaction to their poor attachment.

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