An Evaluation Of An Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Essay

An Evaluation Of An Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Essay

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1) An example of an emotionally intelligent nurse would be a nurse who shows empathy and sensitivity towards a patient who just became aware of his diagnosis of cancer. She acknowledges the patient’s emotions and is aware of certain things she should and should not say during this time. In contrast, being cognitively intelligent doesn’t involve an emotional aspect and focuses primarily on knowledge. An example would be describing the type of cancer the patient has or discussing treatment options before giving the patient time to process the situation and/ or ask how he is feeling. In my opinion, being emotionally intelligent is one of the keys to holistic care but unfortunately there are times where the nurse may be emotionally underdeveloped. In situations like this, the patients and families’ care is ultimately put at risk. If a nurse isn’t aware how to be sensitive to a patient during a time of need, the patient may interpret this as the nurse not caring when this, most likely, is not the case. Being emotionally underdeveloped can make the patient and family feel uncomfortable or in some cases may even add on more stress to their situation which can have a domino effect. If one nurse is viewed as emotionally underdeveloped then the patient may think all of the health care team members are the same way which creates negative energy and can lead to a stressful and uncomfortable environment.
2) Leadership, management and followership are all important concepts that nurses’ play a role in on a daily basis. When a nurse displays leadership she assesses a complex situation and is able to take action and achieve outcomes through collective efforts and is able to inspire their followers (Yoder-Wise, 2014). In order to be in a leadersh...

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...etween $50,000 and $74, 999” (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013). The majority of households in this city include families which explain why more schools had to be built and the overall increase in population explains the need for a bigger and accommodating hospital.
Skerrett, Patrick. (2013, March 5). Panel cities top 10 strategies for improving patient
safety. Retrieved on 1.16.2015 from
U.S. Census Bureau. (2013). [Graph illustrates social and economic characteristics along
with demographic and housing estimates]. 2009-2013 American Community
Survey 5-year estimates. Retrieved on 1.16.2015 from
Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2014). Leading and Managing in Nursing. (Rev. ed.). St. Louis, MO:
Elsevier Inc.

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