Essay about An Evaluation Of An Clinical Settings For My Patient Population

Essay about An Evaluation Of An Clinical Settings For My Patient Population

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Thank you for your post, Petra!
Protecting individuals who are participating in a research should be protected from poetical adverse outcome, and other possible issues such as social adverse effect and/or criminal or civil liability (The Regents of the University of California, 2014).

As you have stated, the projection for patient confidentially, including limited access only to the developers, will certainly provide participants with confidentiality.

The Regents of the University of California. (2014). Privacy and Confidentiality. Retrieved from
Jill, thank you for your posting! It is very detailed and clarify some of the questions that I had regarding data collecting.
I have chosen to use Paper-pencil-questionnaires in an clinical settings for my patient population.

From my understanding, quantitative approaches have advantage because it is cost effective, easier to make comparisons because it can be standardized, and outcome can be measured.

Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research. (2010). My-Peer Toolkit. Retrieved from

Improved Strategies to Deliver Health Care to Non-English Speaking Populations
Billie Vaughan
Graduate Project in Nursing | NSG6999 S 01
Faculty: Cheryl Williams
South University Online Improved Strategies
Study Design
This study is to determine, based on the evidence, implementation of medically trained interpreter service for the Hispanic adult LEP patients improve health care outcome in comparison to the Hispanic adult LEP patients without medically trained interpreter services.
The Setting and...

... middle of paper ...

...x months. The patients will be provided with a questionnaire written in Spanish and English. The pre-test is not required for this study and the outcome are measured by patient’s report on A1C results and infection rate.
Measurement Instruments To Be Used
The participants in the study are identified by first six questions (questions one to six); there are three baseline questions to eliminate bias (questions seven, eight and nine); quality of service evaluation for medically trained interpreter and non-medically trained interpreter (example:family member) are evaluated by three questions (questions 10, 11 and 12); the healthcare outcome will be based on the LEP patient’s changes in A1C result and rate of infection (questions 13 and14). The data are then entered into the Excel program for calculation of the mean and standard deviation for the each area measured.

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