An Evaluation Of An Alternative Approach To Quality Control And The Effects

An Evaluation Of An Alternative Approach To Quality Control And The Effects

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An evaluation of an alternative approach to quality control and the effects

Alternative method for Quality Control that FPS can use
Quality control is a system for ensuring the maintenance of proper standards in manufactured goods, especially by periodic random inspections of the product. A strategy that can be used to ensure this and to suit FPS is to test each individual compartment separately this also add value because your in the process of assembling different products to form fire extinguishers. Don't get me wrong however you would still have to check the final product but there is a higher percentage that it would work than leaving it to inspect at the end. As I said in my other assignment FPS don't actually manufacture there products the buy them from other manufacturers and then put them together to form for e.g. a fire extinguisher. Instead of FPS tested their products once they have been made, they should test each individual pieces separately this will not only just save them time but with the environmental issue of waste it would be reduces and costs would be less. This is because if you had a fire extinguisher with all the components together and then tested it and found a default it is more expensive because with having all the pieces together and not knowing exactly which one isn't working it will be more expensive as you may have components in perfect working order but have to scrap it because it has been tested. Without spending numerous sums of money and then having found a default and perhaps it's more than one component it would be idealistic to check them before adding them all together. If you were making a fire extinguisher it would feel as though by testing each component it takes longer than actually producing the hole fire extinguisher but infact this way will guarantee your product not only will work it also will be at a better standard than it would have been. The compartments that make a fire extinguisher are:
Cylinder - Holds extinguishing agent and expelling gases
Handle - Used to carry and hold extinguisher
Trigger - When pressed, releases extinguishing agent through hose and nozzle
Nozzle or Horn - Agent expelled through these items
Pressure Gauge - Shows pressure of the extinguishing agent being stored in the cylinder. The indicator should be in the green area. But Co2 extinguishers do not have a pressure gauge.

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And the process FPS take to make it are fitting them together, filling, labelling, bonding, packing ad distributing. If for e.g. instead of waiting for the product to made to find the handle breaks because the cylinder was made to heavy or the handle wasn't strong enough they should test it individually. If you just got the cylinder and the handle together and picked it up and it fell off/broke then you would know what your problem was and could deal with it their and then rather than wasting extra components as you got to keep testing it to see what the problem was, this way it would get dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Evaluate the impact of your suggested method on the functions of the business.
The functions of business are:
• Finance
• Sales
• Human resources
• Marketing
• Research and development
My strategy can have an affect on each one of these functions and below I will explain how this is.

Within this department it deals with the money side, with what ever you do you always need money. In deals with money coming in and out of the business and with my strategy it plays a major roll. Finance department will set limits for the company to spend on the production of the fire extinguishers. The budget that they set can't go over that price. So to ensure that they do not go over budget and by making mistakes such as leaving it to be tested once it has been produced that can be the reason why they can go over budget . With setting a limit of money they can spend it will make you wearier of throwing away money but with my strategy it will decrease the percentage for waste. Finance department will try and keep the money going out of the business to a minimal so that they can spread the money sufficiently on other things like wages, new machinery etc so this plays an important part of my new strategy as you have to make sure the money given to you by finance is not wasted.

Human resource
This department deals with recruitment and ensure that all employees are trained thoroughly and keep them motivated. IF FPS uses my suggested method within this department they will have the roll of employing the staff that are actually going to be producing the product. Personnel will make sure that all engineers and who ever else works on the project has the correct training to endure high quality goods. If there was no Human resources team then the project would be in shambles and the employees would be basically guessing on how they make it rather than having the full knowledge. With making sure the employees are happy also makes them work better and happier within the workforce.

The impact that my strategy was to have on the sales team plays a small role. If they knew that the products being made were extremely reliable they would feel happier and confident with selling that product as they know that there isn't anything wrong with the item as each and every component has been checked and inspected then put together. If you just placed the fire extinguisher together and say for instance there was a minor thing wrong but the engineers fixed it, the sales team would be hesitant because they couldn't assure all the extinguishers could work because maybe next time round it could be that the pressure gauge doesn't work etc. But with testing them individually the likeliness of it not to work in the first place will be less. So the sales team wouldn't have a problem with talking to the customers about how long the product would last for or any other conversation that would lead to the products manufacturing. Also if the sales team is unsure about the item then it will bounce of the customer, and then that could cause less sales which means they spent a lot of money on products that are not being sold. If the sales team was to take a fire extinguisher to a NEC exhibition like they do every year and were apprehensive about it working they would rather not show people how it works and how well it works. If a customer though asks to see an extinguisher and how it works and then infact doesn't work that will loose customers.

One way FPS promotes their company is by ‘word of mouth' therefore if customers find their products in perfect working order then more people will hear about FPS therefore will increase the amount of customers they have. If FPS makes less mistakes on there production with using my strategy then they can spend the rest on promoting the product because their wouldn't be any use in having a item that hardly no-one knows about. One way of using there money on marketing can be putting information on it via the internet. Even going to exhibitions or even as simple as flyers or yellow pages. FPS as mentioned in my other assignments do market research this can help determine what the customers want to see in your new product and you could ask a questions such as ‘how long would you want it too last for' this can help with my strategy as it will determine what products to use that will be sufficient enough to last for a long time and know that it will work afta a certain amount of time.

Research and Development
For a company to remain successful it is vital to keep your customers happy. With doing research before making your product and the developing it to suit your customer's needs is the key point to success. My strategy involves inspecting every component before fitting it all together. This function doesn't really apply to my strategy however it is good to bare in mind what customer's maybe looking for, long lasting i.e. paint work wise. So when im testing my product I can see how effective the paint is and perhaps I could put a glaze on top of it to give that extra protection so not only will it be developing my product but adding value as it will be from a customers point of view.

Evaluate how your suggested method would help the firm achieve its objectives
The objectives within FPS can be met through my strategy, below I will explain how:

Making a Profit
My product can produce a profit in many different ways. One way is because the sales team will be confident enough and know that what they're selling haven't got any defaults that can occur with the strategy that I am using. This will bounce off to the customers and that will make them want to buy the product as they are getting a good vibe from the employee thus increasing profits. Another way of increasing profits can be that they are saving some money as they are not wasting products by testing it once made, hey can put the money into other things that will increase sales i.e. the marketing side by promoting the product which will also increase profits.

Quality of service
My strategy will ensure that all goods sold are at a high quality because with testing each component rather than just doing a batch test on random produced fire extinguishers will enhance the quality and add value. This is because the finance department give you a budget and with the strategy that I have suggested, it should save money and that extra money can either go on promoting or it can go on to developing it. For e.g. if a customer fills in the survey that they have done said that they could produce a better handle then the manufacturers can spend that extra money on doing that. Perhaps making it a better shape to mould into your hand so you can have a firmer grip of it. This then adds value and the quality of the product is better.

My strategy could help with the environment because if you do have waste products due to defaults it would be minimal compared to the amount you would have to chuck if you inspected it after the production process this is less pollution that is being made. Also once the final product was made it would have Co2 already inside it and if one doesn't work then they have to scrap that and find the defaults which could lead to many more scrapped extinguishers because it takes a few attempts to fix the problem and this leave with numerous extinguishes with toxins inside it, which causes more pollution.

One stop Shop
This objective doesn't really apply to my strategy however it is always good to train up the employees and make sure they have a thorough understanding of the new product that is being launched so that they can a) be confident and b) sell it well to customers which will increase profits.
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