Essay on An Evaluation Of An Aircraft Emergency And The Leadership

Essay on An Evaluation Of An Aircraft Emergency And The Leadership

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Every situation in the modern military has its own risks associated with it that are to be expected by its members. For the purpose of this assignment we will analyze an aircraft emergency and the leadership that takes place to mitigate and respond to the situation. More specifically our example we will use a KC-130, which has a crew of two pilots, two loadmasters, and one advanced crew stations operator. In this situation a junior officer will be in command of the plane and it will be his or hers responsibility to respond appropriately to an emergency while airborne to ensure the safety of not only themselves but that of there subordinates. There are three elements that will affect the officers’ response and leadership according to the Interaction Framework. Those three elements include the situation, the follower, and the leader (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2009). A commanding officers leadership will need to be effective to ensure the survival of everyone aboard and we can analyze what must be done using the three elements.
First of all, the situation of aircraft emergency will present many factors that will challenge the officer to analyze and affect his/hers response. A factor that will directly affect the officer is stress. Stress in this situation will be tremendous given that every decision could very well be life or death and will trigger the “fight or flight” response. “Fight” in the situation will be responding and “flight” would be freezing up in the moment. According to Helmreich (2000), stress is a leading contributing error to accidents in aviation so it is evident that for the officer in charge it crucial to handle this stress correctly. Along with simply responding to this stress it will crucial for the officer t...

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... a quick and appropriate response the officer in charge will be looked upon by his followers to know what to do. Along with this it is expected that using this expert power the officer would properly conduct prior training to better prepare himself and his followers. With the combination of using these bases of power a leader can appropriately respond to the given scenario.
As you can see the process for a leader to effectively respond to an aircraft emergency can be effectively navigated using the Interaction Framework. The situation, follower, and the leader all will affect the outcome of the given scenario. As the officer in charge whether it be a senior officer or a junior officer it will be crucial for them to use the elements to make the correct decisions. When the correct evaluations can be made the scenario of an aircraft emergency can be handled correctly.

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