An Evaluation Of A Successful Referral System Essay

An Evaluation Of A Successful Referral System Essay

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Up until this point, we have really focused on the new patient. Our efforts and thoughts have gone into making sure they are happy, comfortable, and want to continue treatment with your office. During this chapter we are going to turn our focus toward the current patient or dentist who is referring people to you. In this chapter we’ll look at how and why you should make the effort to show gratitude toward those who refer people to your office. Now it’s time to think about cultivating those referral relationships which are so important to the growth of your business and are a vital part of a successful referral system.
I want to start out this chapter with a fair warning: please do not waste too much time being offended by what you read in this chapter. Trust me when I say I’ve heard every excuse why your particular area is different, and the reasons why you can’t send small gestures of gratitude when someone is referred to you. Believe me, I am not advocating quid pro quo, but you absolutely can send small, personal signs of your thanks when someone is referred to your practice. Fortunately, most of your competitors won’t take the time to systematically implement a referral thank-you system. This puts you way ahead of them in terms of customer service and in gaining new referrals. It will also set your office apart in a good way.
Most likely you have heard about the power of having gratitude. In every area of life, when we are grateful for what we have, we end up getting more of what we want. Our focus is the same in business. Instead of focusing on what we want or don’t have—such as wanting more patients—we need to change our way of thinking. We need to think about being grateful for those we have and to start expressing gratitud...

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... chocolates to a patient who has a severe peanut allergy and see how quickly their referrals dry up.
Instead, challenge yourself to be thoughtful and creative. Make it more personal if you can, so that they can tell you took the time to actually think about them and their interests. If, for whatever reason, you insist on not doing this, then delegate it to one of your employees who loves to make people smile. No doubt there is someone in your office that has a knack for this type of thing and will enjoy being creative in putting together a little package to send off to those sending you referrals. Give them the freedom and guidance to generate gifts and thank-you packages that none of your competitors will take the time to implement. When you do that, you will stand out, you will be appreciated, you will get more referrals, and your office will be anything but boring.

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