Essay on An Ethnographic Qualitative Data Analysis

Essay on An Ethnographic Qualitative Data Analysis

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The purpose of this marketing research document is to conduct an ethnographic qualitative data analysis on conversations among three different business locations where meetings between people and conversations are likely. The data will be gathered from Starbucks locations which are in a residential area, downtown, and at a mall. From this data, I will make recommendations on how the data could be used as it is only after analyzing qualitative data that the true value emerges since qualitative data analysis is inductive (Hair, 2011).
I observed 15 things people said from each Starbucks location and only 1 per group / meeting. I documented the context, location, the statement that was made, and the gender of the person making the statement. I then assigned a purpose to each statement as business, school or leisure and assigned a disposition to each as positive, negative or neutral. Please see Appendices A, B, and C for the raw data tables.
After all data was gathered, I created charts that showed the breakdown of gender, disposition, and purpose by location and as a whole. The charts show that all locations saw much more female patrons than male (57.8% versus 42.2%). The location with the largest percentage of female patrons was Location 1, Suburb at 73.3%). The data clearly shows that Starbucks is much more popular with females, despite vastly different settings. See Appendix D, Appendix E, and Appendix F.
Regarding disposition, I found that all locations had much more neutral disposition statements (55.6%) than positive (11.1%) or negative (33.3%) statements. Location 2: Downtown and Location 3: Mall tied for neutral statements. Also of interest is that Location 3: Mall was the only location that ...

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...nd onsite catering for business meetings. The company already has good business and student attendance, but this feature could keep those patrons longer.
Lastly, the company should increase its positivity by increasing its use of positive music, décor, and perhaps even pump oxygen into its stores. By increasing its use of private spaces and booths, the company could increase is amount of positive conversations and decrease its neutral conversations (by allowing for deeper conversations).
Starbucks is in the coffee business, but with the right moves, could be a magnet for study, business, and positivity, all of which have the potential for bettering people, their emotions, and of course helping the corporation generate more revenue. Of course, care should always be taken to carefully consider radical changes in business so as not to upset the current success formula.

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