Essay on An Ethically Raised With Developing Young Teacher

Essay on An Ethically Raised With Developing Young Teacher

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An Ethically Raised - Developing Young Teacher
While reading our required publications, writing other assignments for this course, and conversing with you amongst my fellow classmates in an open forum, without judgment one realizes yet, once again, one still has so much to learn as a young developing teacher. Maintaining my ethically influenced life as one continues to educate oneself, and ensuring future students are educated properly holds so much more than one ever imagined when one enter college and selected Early Childhood/Special Education as their majors. As the unknown platform laid before me and over the past five years one has risen up to meet that ever increasing challenge of maneuvering my beliefs, values, responsibilities as a future educator, and choosing the right path as one swims through others beliefs and values. One has come to understand the unknown platform only widen and lengthen with time. This one will endure, and grow with complete integrity, with respect of all others as my horizon continues to broaden, and the platform on education overflows with growth. With my head held high, one will preserve in an ethnically diverse educational system that faces challenges on a daily basis to teach my students as a positive, effective educator. This paper will be divided into multiple areas, based on the questions assigned. This should illustrate and confirm one’s own interpretation with how one is recognized, and feels: clarifying one’s own exposition. The ultimate purpose of this research paper is to define a few benefits that one can offer, possibly enlighten others to another thought process as an educator, with supporting evidence, though written publications. Highlight some of the trials and tribula...

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... curriculum, teach students and me how to remember what has been exposed to teach the students as a whole. One gets flustered and agitated with New York states strict curriculum guidelines. Often times is does not allow for thinking outside the box, to the benefit of a student without reprimand or reprucishion some times. A bit of venting, but that is how one feels and believes. On a more positive note, one offers that proper curriculum is a stakeholder that makes up successful, parents, students, community and society in general for the development of growth. Curriculum involves everyone and everything, and it should work for the benefit of everyone involved, remember that the curriculum will emerge into society. It is as if it is like the cycle of live, it evolves and comes full fold; make it worthy of the cycle it takes on.

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