An Ethical and Diverse Hiring Process Essay

An Ethical and Diverse Hiring Process Essay

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An Ethical and Diverse Hiring Process
The downturn of the global economy has instigated companies to re evaluate their workforce. How do we work smarter, more efficient and become a leaner diverse workforce to meet the competitive challenges? The base line process is hiring the best resources available that can be a fit for the culture, have the skills required, enjoy where they work and feel like they are contributing. Diversity in the work place is among the top points on most companies mission statement. An overview includes why a company should care about how ethical hiring practices, testing processes and the removal of bias can all contribute to a high performance workforce.
Ethics in Diverse Hiring
In a global economy a diverse workforce is mandatory to meeting the needs of all clients, internal or external to the company. The challenge to most organizations is how to meet the skills and experience required and establishes effective selection devices determined to fair and unbiased. Once established, determine methods for making the hiring decision. The goal is to remove or mitigate the potential for adverse impact. (Aamondt, M. 2012 pg. 229) It is imperative in the hiring process to decide how to ethically consider race or gender and the role it will play in the hiring process. As well, the culture fit vs. testing performance as an affective selection method, but most important remove personal bias form the equation. Develop a hiring process and training plan for the hiring managers on your final process, this step is key to building a high-performance culture.
Gender Or Race
The hiring process required to build a high performing team should consider race, gender and experience mix. Diversity, if all milestones or test...

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