An Essay On Altering Public Space

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Who would have ever thought that you could enjoy a college English class? That was the case for me this past fall semester. Even though there were many hours spent planning, writing, and editing, the mixture of fun writing prompts and a great teacher resulted in a fun time all in all. This challenging class has taught me the importance of organization, how to be a better writer, and most importantly, how to have fun writing. If you were to ask me to write an essay before August, I would have picked up a pencil right away and just started writing, not understanding how significant an effect that having an outline can have on my writing. My first graded assignment was to write an essay on altering public space, which seems like a simple task at first. However, I turned this simple task into an essay style scrabble tournament, throwing words in wherever I could fit them. There was no organization whatsoever in my essay. I had what I thought were good points and descriptions, but nothing really made sense and there was not much flow to the paper. Subsequently, I made a sixty-nine on my ...
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