An Essay About A Visit

An Essay About A Visit

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A visit, maybe.

That won 't be possible.
I have a company to run.

I 've seen this before. When patients give up
on life, it 's often not long until they pass.

They end up dying because their family
don 't bother with them anymore.

I 've informed you of your mother 's condition.
What you do about it is up to you.

Good day, Mrs Phakade.

Damn, these are hot!

- The lingerie or the women?
- Both.

What? You think because I 'm a woman
I can 't appreciate hot girls?

And? Any ideas on a billboard that will
make other women sit up and take notice?

These won 't cut it.
We need something more daring.

- Like?
- Like...


Imagine her in a one-piece...

strap off the shoulder.

We see a hot man behind her just...

grazing her thigh
as she bites into a piece of fruit.

The juice just dripping...

from her chin.

- I could work with that.
- The slogan...


Deliciously sexy.

Or even better yet...


take me now.

What 's wrong?

Sorry. I can 't do this.
I 'm married.

Carry on.
I 'll look at it tomorrow.

She 'll be happy to see you.

look who came to see you.

- She didn 't eat lunch, refused tea...
- This is ridiculous.

She 's been like this for weeks,
and suddenly it 's a problem?

She 's been semi-sedated, yes...

but she was still willing to respond
to instructions from staff...

go for walks, eat,
watch television...

- Now...
- She just wants attention!

She just wants you to stop
giving her the medication.

It 's more than that.
She 's sinking into a depression.

- If we don 't do something...
- So? Treat her! You 're the doctor.

Surely you can give her pills
to get her to improve.

I pay you a lot of money
to manage the situation.

It 's not that simple.

Your mother 's condition...

She '...

... middle of paper ...

...uck with it.

I 'll be waiting for the call.

Guys, let 's go someplace
that sells proper alcohol.

- Dammit!
- He has us cornered.

Don 't even tell me about that bastard.
He 's taking a fat chance.

He has no idea who he 's dealing with.
I won 't let him get away with this!

Hey. You missed dinner.

The family is...


What are you doing?

What does it look like?
I 'm trying to make love to my wife.


What 's wrong with you?

We 're meant to be having sex.
Aren 't you ovulating?

Even if I was, we 'll never have a baby,
because of you!

- What 's that supposed to mean?
- Because you...

You 've been treating me like dirt. Do you
think I have any desire to sleep with you?

How many times must I apologise?

Can we please put this behind us?
I promise I will treat you better!

Like your promises mean anything.

I 'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom

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