Essay on An Era Of Variation And Economic Growth

Essay on An Era Of Variation And Economic Growth

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An era of variation and economic growth, the 1980s was the decade of consumerism and financial successes. Thus, the yuppie culture (Young Upwardly Mobile Professional Person) was born: comprising young self-indulgent, well-paid professionals, living an affluent lifestyle. Due to the expansion of the middle classes, materialism, style and technology were at the forefront: alongside a society controlled by popular culture and icons. The decade was determined by many factors including world events, politics, society, demographic and economic data, technological developments, influential icons, television, music and movies at the side of leading art and design movements. All these crucial components governed the fashion of this generation.Without technological developments and globalisation, fashion during this time wouldn’t have been so accessible.

World Events

After the assignation of John Lennon in 1980 and Bob Marley 1981, ‘Hippie’ values were rejected. The 1980s, composed of peaks and valleys in all aspects. Boundaries were pushed and society elected for a modernistic advance to the living; nourished by money and greed.


Economics -

After recuperating from the recession in 1981, economic expansion was on the rise. The inflationary burst was the cause of large tax cuts and contributed to a higher disposable income. (Ref) Consequently, this impacted on the extension of the middle class and society, in general, felt a surge of wealth and optimism. The focus became wealth and how to s...

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...emphis Group, founded in Milan in 1981, preceding an exemplary avenue to design. Surface dormant held a prime importance, during 1981 to 1987, to their Postmodern fabric, furniture, ceramics, metal and glass forms (Adlin, J, 2004).
The Memphis design movement enclosed Post-Modernist design, confronting previous attitudes towards favourable designs, through their use of enduring contemporary products in the 1980s.
Their distinctive design echoed the dull unpolished designs from the 1970s. In response to this they produced vibrantly daring pieces which mirrored the 1980s era. The boundaries between high and low-class design were challenged by political statements which were established by The Memphis Group in their practice (Feroleto, P, 2010).

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