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An Era of Peace and Prosperity Essay example

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During the Golden Age, the main concept of the Renaissance was to put human life, security, and religion nearest the interior. Renaissance literally means “rebirth” and it is a perfect visualization of what the renaissance was: an era of peace and prosperity which gave people a chance to be creative and passionate about what they loved in their life; whether it be painting, sculpting, theatre, music, or any other thing in life. In the renaissance many inventions and discoveries were made. A few examples would be the exploring of continents, Ptolemaic astronomy, the decline of the feudal system, increased use of paper, printing, the compass, and, of course, gunpowder. The renaissance was a jump forward into the new age and it jumpstarted the race for technology and the discovery of science.

The renaissance began in the 1400’s although some historians believe it originated with Frederick the second (1215-1250). He was one of the first Christian monarchs of the medieval ages. He was the renaissance ruler of Denmark and he led the sixth crusade which was a major success. He ensured the safety of the most Christians ever since the first crusade and he did it via negotiation. He was undoubtedly an incredible ruler. If the renaissance didn’t start with Frederick, it was at least predicted. Because of his great leadership, he diplomatically guaranteed safety to many people, and he enabled a time of peace, which is what is needed for growth and development of society. The renaissance was the revival and emphasized age of classic Roman and Greek literature. Greece and Rome had major impacts and influences on the renaissance era. Classic Roman and Greek sculpture, painting, writing, and theatre all developed and influenced t...

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...n was started with Martin Luther and his 95 theses, which criticized the church and demanded change. This of course progressed into the opposing of the people against the church.

So all in all, the Renaissance was a time of peace and prosperity, war between religion and science, competition between the gaining of knowledge, and the loss of power in the church. Within this inexorable time period, modern language brought about literacy throughout Europe, and education became a focus. Some historians argue that the Renaissance was a period of decline from the High Middle Ages, destroying much that was important. Latin, for instance, had evolved greatly from the classical period and was still a living language used in the church and elsewhere. The Renaissance obsession with classical purity halted its further evolution and saw Latin revert to its classical form.

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