An Era Of Change : Vincent Caragliano Essay

An Era Of Change : Vincent Caragliano Essay

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An Era of Change
Vincent Caragliano
US History

My name is Kirby MacArthur, and I lived as a southern plantation owner in North Carolina during the civil war. This event changed my life. By experiencing this conflict, I became more understanding and loving towards everyone. It all started with my family. We lived in Virginia, me, my parents, and my two younger siblings. My father owned a large plot of land, and had a plantation running on it. I was the oldest of three kids, which were: me, Bobby and George MacArthur. George was the youngest and Bobby was the middle child. Because George was the third son, least probable to inherit anything, he went to New York at an early age to become educated. George wanted to be education because none of his family got a proper education. He always lived with a book in his hand and when he was in kindergarten he would be looking through the garbage to look from thrown away newspaper. At a young age, George was all about equality because he would always get the least because me and Bobby would receive a lot of the attention from my parents. The only reason why George was ignored by my parents is because Bobby and I were physically well built enough to help my father in the plantation. George was a young boy and was not strong enough to help my father. Equality played a huge role in his life and he applied that to many situations. I once caught him helping one of my neighbor’s slave. My neighbor’s slave once tried to escape the plantation and I overheard George strategizing with the black man, which infuriated me. Regardless of this, I was always happy to know that George thought about us in the North seeing that George sent letters every week to keep us updated on everything. I,...

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.... These southerners in which many were the head of their family household had to leave their plantation and their families behind. Join the army as a volunteer, or be forced into it by the Northern states fighting a war of attrition. The simple life of a southern plantation owner in this time period is a deadly one.


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