An Environment Analysis of Domino’s Pizza Essay

An Environment Analysis of Domino’s Pizza Essay

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One of the following is an environment analysis of “largest Pizza chains” in the US and International. In the following sections, we will assess the environment analysis on “consumer satisfaction” and its re-formulated pizza recipe. Within the re-formulating and the expansion of its menu, we will see how they have been able to recapture some of the market with existing and new customers, with customer satisfaction and excellent delivery. Domino’s Pizza, for example, they have re-formulated their ingredients and added new items to their menu, but like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Caesar, we will discuss their strength’s and weakness to be able to survive in the Pizza Industry. Within this report, I will cover the existing/future components of the general environment such as demographics, economics, political/legal, sociocultural, technological culture, and their efforts to remain a competitor in the industry.

Political Legal

From a legal standpoint the in the Food Service Industry, there are certain laws and regulations to be met prior to entering. For example, Domino’s has to meet strict health and insurance requirement’s, such as Business Property, Business Liability, Business Crime, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance to Operate a business. They’re other competitors such as Pizza Hut and Papa John’s that have to purchase these insurance to protect their business. Some of the protection covered by these Insurances are property damage, in case of a fire; Business liability, that protects them from any accident that may occur at the restaurant, or illnesses that the food may cause; Business Crime, covers theft and robbery, and Workman’s Compensation, that represents the interest of injured workers in the workplac...

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...provide the consumer with alternative products they have to be able to shift with the trend in order to keep up. So Domino’s will have to offer healthier alternatives, what products to offer and how fast will they be able and adapt to these changes.

Alternative Strategies

Over the past years, pizza lovers have been looking for alternative since obesity is the highest in the US, and are becoming aware of it, something has to be done. According to World Health Organization, the US leads obesity at 30.6% and Japan at 3.2% that’s a difference of 27.4% that means there is something wrong with our eating habits. As by state Texas is ranked at number 9, this means that by Domino’s taking the initiative and offers healthier choices and using more alternative ingredients to make a pizza, would increase sales by those that are aware that changes need to happen.

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