An Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) System Essay

An Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) System Essay

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The era of big vendors dominating the enterprise market may not be over quite yet, but new players are rapidly improving their ability to compete against large corporations such as Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco are still leading the way when giving companies solutions in managing technology to stay connected with their customers, suppliers and their people. Throughout this paper I will identify different solutions that will help promote business to operate at a higher efficiency. With the use of technology we analyze present employer and find out ways to make the business environment better. I will analyze the present landscape of finance, sales, security and communication and look to find recommendations to improve.
Garmin has chosen to utilize an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that can benefit from an overwhelming amount of benefits. “An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a collection of integrated software for business management, accounting, finance, human resources management, project management, inventory management, service and maintenance, transportation, e-business, and—yes—supply chain management, customer relationship management, and e-collaboration” (Haag 44). The main benefit is connecting people, processes and systems. This allowed Garmin to manage the business when all segments communicate together. This will then allow for the teams to communicate and have a consistent user experience from day after day for a positive outcome. The next main benefit from an ERP solution would be that you can stay connected. In comparison to traditional process you had to stop when leaving town. Resulting in a break in coverage between the business owners and operations. With today’s solutions you hav...

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... the company’s assets, provide guidance on investment and growth and help boost profitability. With more analytics for finance to present companies are preparing for the future better now than ever.
Garmin has made sure that the technology that they use helps and not hinders the customer experience. The leaders within Garmin have always positioned customer service as assets to be retained and better assist customers that have issues. Overall Garmin deals with such advanced products that incorporate technology you have to be able to assist customers in a delicate manner. Currently the business has multiple outlets in order for customers to interface with the business for support; they can access our website, email the company, call our helpline and also Garmin hosts multiple training seminars around the nation for customers to interact with the company directly.

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