Essay on An End-Of-Instruction (EOI) Should NOT Determine Graduation

Essay on An End-Of-Instruction (EOI) Should NOT Determine Graduation

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Imagine taking a test that impacting one's life greatly and made a huge decision for their future. In the state of Oklahoma, High School students are required to take and pass EOIs in order to graduate. An EOI (End-Of-Instruction) is an exam that is based on the Oklahoma state standards, which define what students should be learning each school year. It helps the state determine what the teachers need to focus on and it shows the weakness of different areas of specific subjects. It also gives the state of Oklahoma a ranking compared to other states. Students must take all seven EOIs, but only need to pass four specific exams to graduate. Despite the fact that everyone is different, an EOI should not determine whether a student graduates.
Graduation requirements are set at a high standard along with the passing of EOIs. "The Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE) law states that: Beginning with students entering the ninth grade in the 2008-2009 school year, every student shall demonstrate mastery of the state academic content standards in the following subject areas in order to graduate from a public high school with a standard diploma: Algebra I, English II and two of the five: Algebra II, Biology I, English II, Geometry, and United States History"(White). Within these subjects each question is scored differently depending on the difficulty level. One receives a diploma when they graduate and of course have all their credits including the passing of EOIs. If one does not pass the required amount of EOIs or for a specific subject, they will not get a diploma. An example of a test is like having a biology exam and having to answer 32 questions out of 60 to pass (Archer). There are certain goals in different subjects th...

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