An Empowering Sign Of Modern Day Society Essay

An Empowering Sign Of Modern Day Society Essay

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An empowering sign of modern day society includes the famous golden arch symbol of the grand francise, McDonalds. According to an article, McDonald’s spent over $978 million on advertising in 2013 (Statista, par. 1). McDonald’s is just a big chunk of the 40,000 advertisments that children and adolescents see on TV in a year alone (Strasburger, par. 1). Advertisments have been essentially known as a marketing strategy to improve sales, but has now become a way to mask away the reality of issues. Research shows that, “markets spend over $500 billion a year towards advertising… The average 65 year old in the U.S. would have seen an estimated two million television commercials within their life span” (“55 Interesting Facts About… Advertising”). Like many businesses, McDonald’s advertisement withdraws the truth of their products – the growing issue of obesity in the U.S.
In a recent McDonald’s advertisement, baby McDonald is featured to announce their newest location at Kimaya Kothrud – hence “the birth of the newest baby McDonald.” They display the baby as the McDonald’s mascot, a clown, with eyebrows that curve high enough to resemble their signature golden arch. This new location is just another to add to their 33,000 restaurants in the world. The advertisement itself has been receiving negative critism stating that “it looks terrifying.” Every American can understand the truth that McDonald’s has become a powerful business empire over the course of its years. But what we all fail to realize is how much fast food becomes a part of our lives and how one habit can lead up to consequences we face in the future.
Every advertisement is customed for one purpose – to show consumers what they want. In every McDonald’s ad, you can see a p...

... middle of paper ...

...t is meant to attract customers in order to bring in more sales, and the truth behind it all does the complete opposite of what they want.
Advertisment is like make up, business use this in order to show the public how they want to be seen. Although advertisments are also seemingly like white lies, business feel that hiding some minor details are completely harmless to their consumers. These “minor details” such as the long-term effect or overcompsumption of McDonald’s products hide a bigger issue: the epidemic of obesity. Unraveling these information to the public can result to a downfall for McDonald’s, so they would much rather give you a happier version than the sad tale a consumer will experience personally. Advertisment is just another love-at-first-sight moment, but when we find the untasty truth behind the picture, trust me when I say: we’re not “lovin’ it.”

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