An Emotional Undertone Displays Essay

An Emotional Undertone Displays Essay

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Travelers is a leading provider of insurance for auto, homes, and business. Immediately, their advertisement captivates the audience by sharing a heartwarming glimpse of a relationship between a father and daughter over a twenty-year span. Travelers advertisement is persuasive because it creates an emotional tie to the father and daughter using musical elements, appeals to pathos, and an appeal to a specific audience, in order to capture one’s heart.
To begin, an emotional undertone displays itself throughout the ad as the song, Growing Up, plays in the background, allowing one to empathize and relate a unique bond between father and daughter. The music is soft and quiet with lyrics that are comforting and nostalgic, without overpowering the advertisement. It allows the audience to focus on familiar images and relatable experiences in a family. Instead of hearing the daughter audibly cry at each stage of growing up, there are certain sound effects in each scene to capture the moment. For example, the audience hears the crash of a tree fall on the house, yet immediately the sound stops and the music picks back up. The commercial hones in on the images, but the lyrics have power, too. The subtle background music at one point rings, “In this small house, together we have grown, made a family, made us all a home.” These lyrics create a sense of unity, love, acceptance, and community. Home is where family is and Travelers pushes you to want to keep your home safe. The advertisement continues with a consistency of peaceful music, until a booming voice projects over the music. It declares, “You make it a home, we help you protect it.” The ending quote ties the ad together in order to relate the father and daughter, to the house that the...

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...s. Whether the daughter is three years old and trying to ride a bike or about to leave for college, the advertisement instantly becomes relatable. Each girl faces different struggles, but every girl knows what it’s like to have that one person who comes in to comfort and protect. Travelers effectively convince families of the necessity to protect one of their greatest assets of their home.
The advertisement uses strong appeals to connect with the viewer. As the audience, one sees a father and daughter travel through life together. The father begins their relationship stating, “This is the home you’re going to grow up in. Like it?” (Travelers). As each life changing event swings through the house of this family, the father always supports and protects his daughter. In the same way the father protects his daughter, Travelers insurance protects the home of the family.

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