An Emergency Response Manager Is Faced With The Decision Making Process Essay

An Emergency Response Manager Is Faced With The Decision Making Process Essay

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This article introduces a problem and looks at the issues an emergency response manager is faced with. One is what decision to make while the other is “how and with whom it should be decided” (Vroom, 2000, p. 83). Vroom’s focus is on the connection between leaders and employees in the decision-making process. How do both parties influence each other in this process?
There are five styles Vroom started his discussion with, decide, consult individually, consult group, facilitate, and delegate, that varied in how much influence the leader had versus freedom of the group (Vroom, 2000). Although it may seem that the leader has the most power and the ultimate decision maker, he or she can pass that power over to the group depending on the situation at hand.
A leader’s goal is to make quality decisions which lead to the success of the task, group, and ultimately the organization. Making the choice to move from autocratic to participative or vice versa is often a difficult decision because it could affect the quality of the decision. Factors that guide the leader in whether to involve the group are the amount of experience he or she has dealing with the situation at hand, how much the group supports the organizational goals, and how well group members’ relationships with each other are, if they work well together, (Vroom, 2000).
Unfortunately, just because a decision seems like the best move does not mean that it will be a success. Implementation may lead to ineffective decisions (Vroom, 2000). This is a point leaders must consider because team members may be less likely to support a decision they had no part in making. Having an opportunity to share their thoughts results in a group of committed members more willing to implement a ...

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...relationship, it only makes sense to give the group a little more control. Not all leaders are willing to give up that power and some still hold on to at least some of their control.
The last point the author made was the observation of leaders showing an increase in participative styles. There are four possibilities given for this which include the organization’s external environment, greater spans of control, information technology making it easier to share information, and the labor force’s changing nature (Vroom, 2000, p. 92). Gender, education, and tradition also factor in to this observation. This discussion would benefit from more research, particularly longitudinal studies and even revisiting older leadership styles. While organizations and their workers often evolve and views change, there is also value in looking at how styles evolved from previous views.

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