An Elephant Crackup By Charles Siebert Drills On The Downfall Of Elephants

An Elephant Crackup By Charles Siebert Drills On The Downfall Of Elephants

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Largely known as the biggest animal on the planet, elephant is always considered human’ friendliest wild friend. We have coexisted from the beginning of time, working, sharing this increasingly overcrowded land. In the crazy and fast pacing world of animals and the endless fight over the places in the food chain , elephant is still supposed to be the calmest because, according to some children’s book, those problems are too small compared to the size of the animal. However, it seems that this theory is only true in the childhood fantasy. In “An Elephant Crackup?”, Charles Siebert drills on the downfall of elephants. He gives a depiction of the recent raging and violent acts of the elephants, and presents an educated and almost unexpected explanation to their behaviors. He says elephants are just like us; they have feelings, both positive and negative. The latter is slowly turning them into the immensely savage beast before wiping them out of existence.With the idea of interspecies resemblance and the insight into behaviors of humans in Maggie Nelson’s “Great to watch” and Susan Faludi’s “The Naked Citadel” , it is possible to conclude that elephants bear the result which foreshadows the fate of humanity and it might be time that humans take responsibilities over the outcome of the animal and therefore, the destiny of themselves.
In many ways does an elephant herd take after human society, which is both fascinating and horrifying. For example, they “somewhat loosely bound and yet intricately interconnected”(Siebert 355), we have our seemingly perfect social system where people have their roles and privacy; and and social network, which connects people regardless of distance. “When an elephant dies, its family members engage ...

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...ponsibility, to conserve the unique identity that we have, or for financial reasons in the case of park officials from the Uganda Wildlife Authority... Like what Siebert says: “And yet just as we now understand that elephants hurt like us, we’re learning that they can heal like us as well”(361), the acknowledgement of the absurd similarity between the two species and the recognition of the responsibilities of humans are crucial to life-saving movements. The example is that of the positive reaction of Misty, Mary and other Asian Elephants; along with the same way in which the children from the war are healing. In many ways, this is a chance for people to help nonhuman species and especially themselves. In that fashion, all our elephants friends are trying their best to do is to address our attention to the stake at hand. Or in other words, they are trying to save us.

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