Essay on An Effective Ways Of Tackling Child Labour. Primary School Education

Essay on An Effective Ways Of Tackling Child Labour. Primary School Education

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Education and the change in the consumer behavior are probably the most effective ways of tackling child labour. Primary school education is the level, which should receive the most of the investments from governments, international organizations and wealthy individuals. A common remediation action in Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana is the construction, reconstruction or improvement and building schools in cocoa farming villages. In the case of International Cocoa Initiative remediation initiatives, this is accompanied by promotion of informal education, making education more appropriate for rural children and integrating with training in practical skills.
The impact of such projects in cocoa farming villages is very positive. However, it is unclear how this impacts on trafficking and employment of unaccompanied children from other areas: this would appear to be an intervention aimed at reducing the use of local child labour. It is the lack of education opportunities in the north of Côte d’Ivoire and in Mali that contributes to the migration of children to cocoa farms in Côte d’Ivoire, not the lack of schools in cocoa areas. Thus this may encourage cocoa farming parents to leave their own children in school for longer and avoid putting them to work on cocoa farms, but it may not impact on trafficked children.
Traditionally, families used to send their children away to work and receive professional skills to the more developed tribes, cities and countries. Thus, the Ivory Coast has been for a long time the destination of promise to where children were sent in order to make money. However, the reality is different and families, who are not educated enough do not have a clear image of what will happen with their children abroad. Hence, it is...

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...are often more successful than governments and international institutions conventions in addressing and resolving this problem. They had already started to invest in primary level of education because it appears to be the most effective type of investments. The project called “IMPACT” (Danone and Mars launch £79m fund for smallholder farmers) launched and led by Mars, which was relatively more successful than many governmental projects built in order to tackle child labour and human trafficking. Funds, launched by wealthy individuals, for example, Bill & Melinda foundation (Bill Gates fund), can also be more effective than governmental and institutions projects because their investments are more direct and they are controlled by high skilled professional managers. Such funds are also less corrupted and they are better at establishing education programmes in Africa.

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