Essay on An Effective Management Culture Is Critical At A Firm 's Success

Essay on An Effective Management Culture Is Critical At A Firm 's Success

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In any firm, having an effective management culture is critical to a firm’s success. But once you look at this topic on an international scale, culture can change based on what is right and wrong in a different country. To demonstrate this theory, I have interviewed two different people who have either came to work in the United States from another country, or born domestically and have experience working abroad. One of them is my father, James Lai (Exhibit A); he is an immigrant from Hong Kong, China and have worked extensively in the graphics design industry for many large companies. Some of these companies that he has worked for includes the following: Toymax (now currently a subsidiary of Jakk Pacific Inc.), TecnoZone, The Zone & ENE Group (now defunct), and currently, Fisher-Price (a subsidiary of Mattel). The other person that I have interviewed is Ronald Shapland (Exhibit B), who is the President of Shapland Creative Design, Inc., and also works for CandyRific as part of Creative Development in terms of product and packaging. He had in the past worked extensively abroad in parts of Hong Kong and some parts of Mainland China. Throughout the two interviews, where I have asked the same questions, I have noticed a number of contrasts between the responses that I have received from these two gentlemen.
For the first interview, I have interviewed my father, James Lai. The major reoccurring theme that was present throughout the interview is the language and cultural barrier that was evident in the work environment. Due to the fact that English was considered as his secondary language at the time, it requires him to input twice as much effort into any tasks that he is given to complete. To build on this fact, in many group meetin...

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...t you do not fall back on schedule.
After reviewing the experiences shared by James Lai and Ronald Shapland, working in a multicultural team is definitely not an easy thing to do. Both of these gentlemen have experienced different sorts of barriers such as language and adaptation, but these problems were solved by using methods of structural intervention and adaptation respectively. Also, job design plays an indirect role in my father’s position due to how his job was designed. Lastly, being both open-minded and flexible about your current surrounding would definitely benefit when working in a multicultural workforce. As we continue into the future, the trend of working in a culturally diverse workforce is an inevitable event; therefore, we must now start learning how to adapt to each other’s culture and standards of ethics to create the next generation’s workforce.

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