An Effective Leader Of The School Essay

An Effective Leader Of The School Essay

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The principal is the leader of the school. The sole responsibility of the principal is to provide a safe, orderly and conducive environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. In addition, the principal must be able to empower staff to assist in decision-making and he/she must be supportive in these efforts. Based on my knowledge, skills and experiences as an educational leader, leading and managing individuals is an area of strength. There are a number of leadership attributes leaders should possess and exhibit to be effective leaders. I use these attributes daily to lead and manage individuals. Being an effective leader is not easy and it requires self-assessing constantly. An effective leader knows instruction and knows the operational aspect of the school.
Instructional Leader
The first and foremost role of the principal is safety. The principal has to ensure that the learning environment is safe and conducive for teaching and learning. Besides safety, the principal next most important role is student learning and student achievement. The principal no longer serves as the disciplinarian. As theorists have indicated, the role of the principal or school leader has changed tremendously over the years. The principal is now viewed as the instructional leader. Principals are held accountable for student achievement and must do the necessary work to make sure teachers teach and students learn. Among some of my major instructional responsibilities as principal are:

a. Serve as the instructional leader.
b. Ensure students are the center of all instructional practices and procedures.
c. Ensure teachers are properly trained to implement their content area curriculum.
d. Ensure mastery of the curriculum to ...

... middle of paper ...

...d exhibited at all times.
My knowledge of standards-based instruction and classroom rituals and routines, help to inspire teachers, to facilitate quality teaching and learning. My knowledge and skills help me to look for the implementation of standards-based instruction, student engagement, monitoring of effective feedback, and students using the Language of the Standards (LOTS) to explain a skill/concept. Teachers must be properly trained to implement standards-based instruction. Quality instruction is a must for students to learn and monitoring the entire process with effective feedback is the key to closing the achievement gap and student success. My knowledge and skills also help me to provide ongoing professional learning opportunities, co-teach with teachers, model best practices for teachers, and provide effective/constructive feedback from observations.

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