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An Effective Leader A Person Essay

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After discussing all of these examples, I then asked Tracy what she feels she needs to be in order to effectively deal with these problems. She listed the following things: patient, detail-oriented, able to prioritize, good at problem-solving, organized, focused, and responsive. I then asked what she has learned from dealing with these challenges. She said she has learned that “not all employees are the same. I have seen that different employees will pose different problems, and even though my approach is the same, to talk to them after hours, the way I attack the problem once I get that far is always different because each person has something else going on.” She stated that to be an effective leader a person has to be able to “see a problem quickly, address it, and learn from it.”
Her first example showed her problem solving skills in which all managers should have. She attentively noticed a problem with one of her employees and handled it effectively. She realized that the goal of the company, to quickly and effectively handle a customer’s needs, was not being done well and helped her employee change their direction to make it better. In the second example, she showed her coercive power associated with being a leader. She noticed the effect of the girl’s immaturity and disruptiveness causing a problem for the other employees and did something about it. She threatened having the girl not being allowed to work here because she was not helping the company, and the girl listened. I think it is important that leaders be stern like that and able to handle trouble. In the third example, she discussed her emotional intelligence to notice something wrong with an employee and make sure they are okay.
These examples surprised me but sho...

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...e I work with her. I lacked in a couple of things on my leadership report: teamwork, boundary setting, and personal stability. She has taught me that even though a manager is a manager, they are still part of the team, as she will sometimes work on the teller line to remind herself what it is like. She has also taught me problem-solving skills and people skills as she is very good at reading something wrong and helping someone with it. Tracy has also shown me that you need to have a boundary between work and home so you do not get overtired. She does this by keeping her home life separate and private, as she always tells her employees to do. For personal stability, she is always on track and emotionally mature in her ways. This can be seen in how she handled the employees in the example. When I become a leader in a management job, I will ensure I follow Tracy’s ways.

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