An Effective Information Assurance Training Program Essay

An Effective Information Assurance Training Program Essay

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Training is the key to any program. Having a great program, no matter what it is used for, benefits no one if operators are unable to make it function as it was designed. This argument can be assigned to information security as well. Time has proven users are the weakest link to security programs. In a 2014 CSO reported 9 in 10 senior managers have sent sensitive data to the wrong destination, and also reported the same number of managers have intentionally uploaded files to a personal cloud or their personal email in order to continue working from home (Gonsalves, 2014). If managers are unwilling to take security seriously and abide by the training received, the security issues will only be worse by the employees whom work for them. The Army also admits to the need of an effective information assurance training program, referencing the user as human actions as a cause to data loss:
“The major causes of loss due to an organization 's own employees are: errors and omissions, fraud, and actions by disgruntled employees. One principal purpose of security awareness, training, and education is to reduce errors and omissions. However, it can also reduce fraud and unauthorized activity by disgruntled employees by increasing employees ' knowledge of their accountability and the penalties associated with such actions.”
(Information Assurance Training Center, n.d.). The Army itself is no different in terms of mistakes or intentional mishaps of data. To give an example of a mistake, in 2010, a government contractor, lost 207,000 records held on a compact disk, when one of the laptops in their possession was stolen. The response given to this incident was “At a minimum, we will be providing additional training to personnel to ensure...

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...edian income for an Information Security Manager is $103,339 (PayScale, 2016). Utilizing a rough over the top number of 100 brigades throughout the Army, the additional CISSPs would cost an additional $10,333,900, a number which could be reduced if soldier’s duties were shifted to complete the duties assigned to a CISSP. The sticker shock is understandable, however the cost of not making the necessary adjustments, has the potential to be exceed $10,333,900. According to Ponemon the cost per record loss in the government sector is $73 (Ponemon, 2015). Utilizing the 207,000 records from earlier, though extreme, has the capacity to cost the U.S. Government $15,111,000. Ultimately our inability to refine our training techniques, will continue to needlessly cost the U.S. taxpayer money, primarily because we are stuck in an old way of providing training to our users.

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