An Effective Global Leader Development Program For A Firm Essay

An Effective Global Leader Development Program For A Firm Essay

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Personal plan
In the creation of a leadership development program for a firm, it must have genuine vision and clear, achievable goals that align with a business strategy (Donnelly, 2010). To be an effective global leader, there are some goals of development which will ensure that the global leadership concerns for the future are handled as required. The goals include developing new business models to aid in coping with expansion that may arises from globalization, powering growth which results from globalization through increasing productivity, and coming up with new ideas to handle the increased growth in the economy.
The various action steps involves brainstorming to come up with business models, increasing productivity by increasing the number of employees, and increasing product varieties to handle the increased growth. The actions steps related to and build to one another because they ensure that business cope with the existing global changes in a positive manner.
The elements of the actions steps are clearly defined since each goal is aligned with the action step that ensures it is attained. They also have measurable outcomes for example increasing the number of employees will definitely increase the amount of workload done an in turn increased productivity. All of the elements of the action plan can also be achieved such as increasing the number of employees involves the act of employing new individuals.
The progress of each step can be evaluated through the filling of questionnaires at the end of every step to ensure that the desirable results are achieved. If the results are not achieved, the whole procedure could be repeated. There are several future concerns which have to be taken into consideration as it goes hand i...

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...nges in developing the leaders required to run global organizations. (George, 2012) In preparing to do this paper I took the Global Leadership Inventory found in the appendix (A) of this paper to see how well prepared I was to be a global leader. The results are include at the end (Appendix B). I would suggest giving all leaders an assessment similar to this one to see how well prepared the person are to be a leader. If the results are not to your liking I would recommend that the company develop a plan to train them in the areas that they are weak and help strengthen them to become a global leader. The program could range from two to six months of education and hands on training. The lead by example has taken on a whole new meaning and has caused leaders to step up their game in order to help the future leaders to grow and become ready to fill their shoes.

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