An Educational Journey On Education

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An Educational Journey “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” (Strong n.p.). Anywhere a person goes, there are people demanding that people have a certain level of education. This makes wanting to get into a certain profession hard to do. By going to schooling you can get yourself and education, but by no means necessary do you get an education by going to school. But the question lies in how you go about achieving both them, and increase in learning. There are times when you can get some school, but the education does not fully come. This could be from the lack of teachers, or the encouragement that you get. It also lies in how much enthusiasm that you put into your work. Why would you want to continue down a path, if you do not have any enjoyment in the field? Recently, I started up schooling to help me increase my learning. Due to certain mental issues that I have, work has not been a real easy task for me. Sometimes have a lack of focus, or pay attention to certain aspects, which can generate difficulty in my learning. I needed something that I can place my attention on that I enjoyed so I would be able to work, but with all things this isn’t always an easy task to complete. Over time I had felt that I needed to be more productive, and try to get myself an education that would profit me. This would entail me to start getting some schooling at Coleman University. I strove to learn many intricacies of both web and graphic design. I pushed onward to learn more about these. Be it as it may, the more I ventured into this prospect the less I felt I had been learning. As things went on I felt as if the teachers were showing favoritism towards ce... ... middle of paper ... ...things difficult to learn, yet there are other that make thing easier to learn. In life you need to find some enjoyment in what you are doing, and it should be based on the education that you received. There are many people who are doing jobs that do not like it, and they are doing it for the paycheck and they get no enjoyment out of it. This type of person is not really an asset to the company, because their attitude and behavior can affect others. However those who enjoy their job do better work than those who don’t. They put an effort to get their work done, and they want to have fun about it. This generate a positive environment for the work place. Thinking about this now, I don’t think that accounting would be such a strong suit for me, because I would get annoyed and tired of it easily. On the other hand programming is something that I can find enjoyment in.
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