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Ever since the 2008 stock market crashed many Americans lost their jobs and have been living in poverty and despair for several years. Today, however, many Americans are in a much better economic standing than seven years ago which is due to the thriving economy. Is it? Yes, gas prices have dropped, and many Americans are spending more, but there are still too many Americans who are still living in poverty and are in dire need of some help. Additionally, due to the past economic crisis, much of America’s economic middle class citizens seems to be shrinking, and not in a good way. Many middle class Americans are dropping down into the lower class as they find themselves in more and more debt. Deligne, an eagle cartoon artist, alludes to the current economic situation in America, and profoundly, but subtly, compares upper class Americans’ incessant greed and ignorance, to lower class citizens who are desperately in need of financial help. The artist believes that the only way to fix the economic situation in America is for upper class Americans to help their fellow lower and middle class Americans, which he illustrates through pathos, symbolism, and compare and contrast.

In this cartoon, the viewer sees two men sitting side by side against a wall with an apple logo posted up. Obviously by looking at the two men, right away the viewer notices very distinct characteristics. The man on the left appears to have scruffy clothing, unmanaged facial hair and worn-down shoes as indicated by the hole in his left shoe. While the man on the right is wearing a nice dress shirt, tie, has well-kept hair and much nicer shoes in comparison to the man on his right. This definitely is an indication that these two men differ in economic class. Lookin...

... middle of paper ...

...before catering to the need of his less fortunate neighbor. This picture illustrates the message that instead of helping to improve the lower economic class situation, upper class Americans would rather spend money on the newest gadget. By comparing the unnecessary want of the average American versus the significant need of the homeless man, the artist evokes frustration in the audience and shows how selfish some upper class Americans are. They would rather concentrate on their need for the newest and best things than on solving the economic crisis of the economy and the economic stability of the less fortunate among us. Through this cartoon, the artist exposed the issue of “The Need in America: The necessity of helping the lower class” and hopes that this frustration encourages Americans to take a stand in favor of solving this grave problem and social injustice.

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