An Classical Composer Named Dressler Essay

An Classical Composer Named Dressler Essay

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Beethoven, who struggled with sums and spelling his entire life, was at best an average student, and some biographers have hypothesized that he may have had mild dyslexia. As he put it himself, "Music comes to me more readily than words." In 1781, at the age of 10, Beethoven withdrew from school to study music full time with Christian Gottlob Neefe, the newly appointed Court Organist. Neefe introduced Beethoven to Bach, a German composer and musician. At the age of twelve Beethoven published his first composition, a set of piano variations on a theme by an obscure classical composer named Dressler.
Young Beethoven was a promising keyboard player and a talented student in composition of the court organist Christian Gottlob Neefe. He even filled in as church organist when Neefe was out of town. In 1783 Beethoven 's first published work, a set of keyboard pieces, appeared, and in the 1780s he produced portions of a number of later works. In 1787 he traveled to Vienna, Austria, apparently to seek out Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as a teacher.
By 1784, Beethoven’s father’s alcoholism worsen and his voice decaying, he was no longer able to support his family. Beethoven formally requested an official appointment as Assistant Court Organist. Even though he was only 14 at the time, his request was accepted. Beethoven was put on the court payroll with a modest annual salary to help support his family.
Beethoven’s passion for music did not stop, in 1787 the court decided to send Beethoven to Vienna, Europe’s capital of culture and music, where he hoped to study with Mozart. There is no solid proof that Beethoven ever met with Mozart, let alone studied with him. Rumor has it that upon hearing Beethoven, Mozart was to have said, "Keep your eyes ...

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...has been largely discredited.
Ludwig van Beethoven is widely considered (arguably) the greatest composer of all time. He is the vital temporary figure connecting the Classical and Romantic ages of Western music. Beethoven 's body of musical compositions stands with Shakespeare 's plays at the outer limits of human accomplishment.
Beethoven composed his most beautiful and extraordinary music while deaf. This is an almost superhuman feat of creative genius. It is said to be perhaps, only paralleled in the history of artistic achievement by John Milton writing Paradise Lost while blind. Summing up his life and imminent death during his last days, Beethoven, who was never as expressive with words as he was with music, borrowed a tag line that concluded many Latin plays at the time. "Plaudite, amici, comoedia finita est," he said. "Applaud friends, the comedy is over."

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