An Case Study Of A 22 Year Old College Senior Dietary Concern Essay

An Case Study Of A 22 Year Old College Senior Dietary Concern Essay

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In solving the case study of a 22-year-old college senior dietary concern, we start by examining her diet. Dawn is a vegan. Vegans exclude meat and milk products from their diets. Vegan-ism is one of many options if someone is trying to adapt to living a vegetarian lifestyle. Lactovegetarian is another vegetarian diet option. Lactovegetarians exclude eggs, meat, seafood, and poultry from their diet, but include milk and milk products. Similar to lactovegetarian in spelling, but different in diet is lact-ovo-vegetarian. Lact-ovo-vegetarian has the same exclusion as lactovegetarians, with eggs being the exception. Lact-ovo-vegetarians consume eggs (pg. 62).
Choosing to be a vegan and removing meats and animal products is fine, but it 's important for Dawn to take extra steps to remain healthy. Dawn could start by adding a vitamin B12 supplement to her diet. Drinking soymilk occasionally may not be providing her with an adequate amount of B12, which could lead to nerve damage and loss of vision. Calcium would be another supplement suggestion, by eliminating milk and milk products Dawn is a risk for inadequate intake. An alternative to adding a calcium supplement would be to include a daily serving of soy milk, or drink calcium-fortified juices. Furthermore, iron levels should be taken into consideration. Vitamin C in fortified juices, fried fruits, and vegetables could increase energy and assist in fighting her lingering cold.
Although Dawn eats a significant quantity of sprouts, peanuts better and beans, which have the advantage of being lower in saturated fat than meat and are often higher in fiber and richer in some vitamins and minerals (pg. 61). However, she may need to make adjustments to improve her health and make sure her di...

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.... For a smaller girl such as her, I think this would be a stable meal plan for a single day.
Naturally, the meat-based meal plan would have consistently had more calcium, protein, iron and more total calories than the vegan meal plan. The vegan lifestyle cuts out access to a lot of necessary vitamins that animal based food would naturally provide. Taking the case study into account, Dawn’s new vegan lifestyle caused her to lose plenty of weight and total energy. She also has trouble fighting off sickness. She believes that she can receive her daily intake of vitamins while remaining strictly vegan, which is possible, but consuming the proper calories and well-rounded vitamins would still be a challenge. A proper way that the vegan meal plan can be as effective as the meat-based plan would be the inclusion of a variety of beans and nuts into meals throughout the day.

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