An Atheist Believe That Jesus Christ Essay

An Atheist Believe That Jesus Christ Essay

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An atheist believe that Jesus Christ was just simply a man with a power of being a big influence on weak-minded people. However, some atheist give him credit for being an influential philosopher and being a man who seems to become very wise as he got older. Atheist do not believe that he was god or rose from the dead.There are also other of views about the deity of Christ some religious based some cult based and one worldly based view and Religious views about Christ and the devine the deity of Christ are greatly different one another.
Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons are two religious cults, but even though they are both cults, they both believe in something different, but they both teach false teachings about Jesus. For Jehovah Witness, they teach that Jesus Christ was created before the universe and that after Jesus was created he created the whole universe. Jehovah Witness believe that God the Father didn 't create the universe. Which is wrong in a way Jesus was with God the Father when he made the universe he 's been on the right hand side of God during the creation of the universe, but Jesus didn 't create it says genesis 1:1. Jehovah Witnesses also believe that there is a higher power in the trinity of God. They believe that Jesus is more powerful and important that God the Father and the Holy Spirit. This is wrong as well, there is no one person above the other in the trinity the trinity is like an equality triangle the Holy Spirit and Jesus are on the same level as God the Father.
Mormon believes that God the Father had two sons and favored one more than the other, they said to believe that Lucifer and Jesus Christ were sons of god the father. This can 't be true because Lucifer was an angel in the kingdom of God and he ha...

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...on the virgin birth are very different from each other, one believes in that God exists and the other believes in no God at all. Biblical from the passages from Luke, it is clear that Jesus was born through a virgin birth through the working of the Holy Spirit. How ever even though Jesus was born through the holy spirit he still has human characteristics because he had a human mother so he adopted from each characteristic from God from the Holy Spirit to human from Mary. The purpose of God becoming man was to bring forth salvation of salvation for all of mankind. Paul said in (1 Timothy 1:15) Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners. The biblical uses salvation to be related to redemption and liberation. We read in the book of Exodus that God called his people out of Egypt and how he saved them from the ruling and harsh treatment of Pharaoh in around 3100 BC.

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