An At Home Compost System Essay

An At Home Compost System Essay

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An at home compost system is easier to build and maintain than it appears. Home composting systems can be created and maintained in a few easy steps: choosing and preparing a location, collecting greens and browns as well as occasionally applying moisture, adding green waste, turning the pile and keeping the pile covered. A compost system can easily made and although maintaining a compost system is a long term project, the only long term step is simply collecting elements for the compost. If successfully built and maintained, the compost system can produce rich humus which improves can be added to soil to improve the size and health of gardens.
Special Terms
Browns. Browns are anything the color brown or recyclable. This may include: branches, twigs, dead leaves and assorted paper products. Plastic products are not browns.
Greens. Greens are food byproducts. Examples of greens are: grass clippings, vegetable waste, fruit scraps, or coffee grounds. Greens do not include dairy, oily substances or meat because they attract animals and insect to the compost system.
Pile. The pile what encompasses the compost system.
Green Waste. Green Waste is manure or any other nitrogen source. Examples include: grass clippings, clovers or buckwheat. Perennial weeds should not be added because they will grow and spread in the pile. Diseased plants also should not be in the pile because it is not healthy for the pile and could contaminate the final humus.
Aerate. According to, aerate means to “...cause air to circulate through” (“Aerate”).
Moisture. Moisture is either water from the tap or rainwater. Water could be collected from a sink or hose by tap or naturally from falling rain or a rainwater harvesting system.

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... or recyclable products. Instead of leftovers food being taken to landfills, they can be used in a compost system. The EPA reports that, “Food scraps and yard waste currently make up 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away, and should be composted instead.” (“Composting At Home”, par. 1). Leftovers break down faster in compost systems and using them in compost systems is more eco-friendly because when discarded food is not in landfills, methane emissions are reduced and thus the carbon footprint is reduced.
An at home compost system is very sustainable since the composting process can be continually repeated. People always consume food so there will always be greens for the pile. The humus that is created can then help grow more food in gardens. Composting is a continuous cycle that is good beneficial for humans well being and the earth’s well being

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