An Assault On Our Civil Rights Essay

An Assault On Our Civil Rights Essay

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Kenji Yoshino, author of Covering: An Assault on Our Civil Rights argues that the demand for assimilation needs to be weakened through social solutions. Assimilation affects all groups not just the gay and lesbian community or other minority groups. In order for true equality to be realized individual conscience and compassion needs to change to protect behavior outside the realm of the law (Yoshino p.24) . Grievances are often processed through naming and blaming but are not claimed in order to seek a remedy. This is due in part to an individual’s interpretation, perception, and external factors of the injury, such as social status . Yoshino describes his parents demand for American assimilation as pressure to refrain from creating attention such grievances would create to his sexual orientation.
The law is designed to protect statues not an individual’s behavior. Therefore the demand for assimilation or covering is not a behavior that individuals are protected against. The principle institutional mechanism of the myth of rights is litigation. Society trust and looks to the Supreme Court for declaration. Law writers use the legal reasoning of judges as a tool for updating constitutional principles . The court has denied same sex couples the right to be married; confirming that same sex marriage is illegitimate. The gay and lesbian community among other minority groups has fought with the help of the feminist, racial, and civil rights movement to secure their civil rights. Despite their fight Yoshino points out those members of the homosexual community who have been fired for admitting they were gay, lost custody of their children, and have been denied the right to marry. In Lawrence v. Texas 2003 Justice Scalia wrote the stat...

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...ual orientation support the myth of rights?

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