An Article On The Loss From Flood Damage Essay

An Article On The Loss From Flood Damage Essay

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The purpose of this article written by Scism and Zibel is to provide homeowners necessary information on how to protect themselves from loss due to water damage. Floods are not only common on the coast when hurricanes strike but also can occur due to heavy rainfall all across the country. Many renters as well as homeowners aren’t aware of the fine print their insurance companies provide. Despite advertising campaigns by the federal program, many people aren 't aware they need the specialized flooding policies until too late (Scism & Zibel, 2012). The loss from flood damage could be crippling for individuals as well as families and those who remain unprotected or have a false sense of protection are at the highest risk.
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This article is specifically written for homeowners who don’t have insurance or are unaware of their current insurance coverages. Throughout this article there is information provided about what is covered by typical homeowner insurance agencies, like property damage associated with trees, wind, and fires. The article begins by explaining the sick feeling individuals get when they learn that their insurance doesn’t cover flood damage usually in instances where there is a flood occurring or one that has already devastated the home. The federal flood-insurance program provides coverage up to $250,000 for the structure of the home and $100,000 for personal possessions (Scism & Zibel, 2012). There are many homeowners who don’t want to pay the additional flood coverage because they feel they are not in a flood zone or are at risk. There is always a risk and insurance agencies thrive because people want to feel secure in situations that are unknown.
The article explains the vast differences between th...

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• Knowing that floods occur closer to the coast after hurricanes, is there a report available for homeowners to research the statistics of floods occurring in their specific location? There is always a possibility but with knowledge of past occurrences there are possibilities that it is actually not crucial and the money can be placed elsewhere.
• If items are replaced at cash value, will the home itself also be replaced at what it might be worth rather than what is owed? In situations like the fall of the housing market where homes suddenly dropped prices and homeowners lost thousands of equity this could be very difficult to recover from. Will the flood insurance pay the total price of the mortgage or if the home is worth much more than when it was purchased many years ago will homeowners actually make profit from the insurance policy if a disaster occurred?

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