An Article On The Child 's Emergency Du Jour Essay

An Article On The Child 's Emergency Du Jour Essay

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Recently over brunch & Bellinis, a mommy friend of mine asked me about an article that I published here on LinkedIn, 7 Sanity-Saving Tips for Busy Mompreneurs. It wasn 't that she was curious about the tips in the article, rather she wanted to know why I felt so comfortable sharing that I was a mom and also a business owner. She mentioned that she was careful at her corporate job to downplay her responsibilities as a mother, and she felt that it was possibly a detriment to me and my business to actively promote that I am a “mompreneur.” I guess in the workplace there is still a concern that a mother will not be as “available” as childless employees, and that their priorities will be elsewhere, focused on the child’s emergency du jour, rather than doing their job.

Shelley Correll, associate professor of sociology at Cornell, found a "motherhood penalty" when she submitted nearly identical résumés for fictitious women applying for a marketing director position at a communications company. Some résumés said the applicant was active in the Parent-Teacher Association, a pretty obvious hint at motherhood. That cut the chances of getting a job by 44%. Follow-up research found that salary offers decrease with each additional child, Correll says.

A woman should not have to conceal the fact that she is a mom in order to get ahead in her career. I left law a decade ago to get away from the type of career that was not friendly to working moms. In law, I noticed that women had babies and didn’t return to work, or were not taken as seriously if they did return. At the law firm where I worked a decade ago, there were no examples of women who “had it all,” at least not the life I was looking for. I knew if I wanted a career and a family, I woul...

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...t 8 am! Dealing with clients, bosses & colleagues are a piece of cake compared to engaging with a stubborn potty-training toddler.

Moms are badass managers.

We manage the household, we manage the kids’ schedule, and we manage our businesses. There are a lot of moving parts, and moms can usually manage it all. I 'm not saying things are always perfect, but it 's always good enough.

The bottom line, and I can say this with confidence and from experience: Moms get sh*t done!

Sure, I might be limiting my opportunities by promoting the fact that I’m a mom, but if you have a problem with it, you’re not the kind of company I want to work with, nor the kind of client I want to have. I’m a mom, a wife and a business owner. And I honestly think I do a pretty darn good job at all of it. If you’re not OK with this, we likely aren’t a good fit. I’m a mom. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

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