Essay on An Article On Social Media Marketing

Essay on An Article On Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing
Advancements in technology allow communication to be more efficient and more reliable. Websites have been designed that are based on social interaction and businesses are getting involved online to connect with their consumers through this Internet site. These websites are called, social media, and it offers a way for consumers to network by sharing content that is accessed online. An article from the California Management Review defines social media as, “the way in which people interact to create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks” (Katona, 2014). Social media is popular right now and able to grow in bigger and better things, businesses are taking advantage by using these websites for online marketing. Marketing that is posted through the Internet and uses social media is known as social media marketing. Advertising and promoting products this way has many advantages and disadvantages. This form of marketing can help the business by being cost efficient by creating free pages on social media and offering cheap advertising. The Internet is a global based system allowing social interaction to help promotes the business from the users. It is able to be interactivity, allowing to be more connected with the users and social media can target the market to specific people by providing better customer service. The disadvantages are it is time intensive, there are possible copyright issues, privacy problems, user-generated content, and negative feedbacks. As technology continues to enhance the way we communicate, Social Media marketing has a positive and negative effect on businesses on how they promote their products.
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...keeping the consumers happy. The marketers must work quick and able to respond rapidly to keep the business on a positive note. In her article, Sundar tells that studies show that when business increase levels of interactivity can lead to more positive attitudes and higher reviews to the page (2011). Being able to quickly respond to the customer gives a more personable feel for the customers to have with the company. Normally to communicate with a company consumer must email or write a letter, but now with social media marketing to communicate with a company is as easy as posting a tweet on Twitter.
Facebook and twitter as well target their audience towards country, gender, age, and interests. Social media give information to the marketers to target the audience of what they are trying to promote. On social media when personal interests and what friends enjoy will

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