An Article On Passive Aggressive Behavior Essay

An Article On Passive Aggressive Behavior Essay

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The first article I read was quite helpful to me as I actually used most of its advice to navigate conflicts that I was having with my roommates. It is important to note that without the article’s information, the situation between my roommates and I would have escalated and potentially ended badly. The first article gave insights on how to handle a passive-aggressive roommate and explained what not to do in the likely event that I myself would wish to retaliate in a passive-aggressive manner. It stated quite bluntly, “It always feels easier to hint…this behavior can often be misleading and is often misinterpreted” (“How to handle”, 2015). In addition to advice like this the article highlighted multiple ways in which passive-aggressive behavior can be overcome, by simply communicating with the other person and setting boundaries.
The second article I read emphasized the steps one can take to alleviate conflict without both parties losing out. It also reminded me that, “Learning how to resolve disputes successfully, rather than avoiding them, is critical for maintaining successful personal and professional relationships” (“Resolve it”, 2014). Throughout this paper I learned how to communicate better with my roommates in new ways, and even how to hear them and not just focus on my own needs. Together these articles, successfully taught me how to overcome my own personal challenges when it comes to communicating my troubles and needs with my peers while still managing to end on good terms with them.
Personally I do not like passive-aggressive people, if you have a problem with me it is best to just be upfront with me about it. However, if you decide to talk to me through sticky notes like my roommates recently did, it almo...

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I greatly enjoyed this topic as it was very relevant to my life in its current state and I am sure it will help others in the same situation as myself. In addition, one of the other benefits of this article is that it can be applied to everyday circumstances, not just college roommates. If someone is having difficulty in their marriage using the points raised in each article will be sure to open the lines of communication between them and help them get through any rough patches. The suggestions raised can also be used in the work place, instead of being passive-aggressive, and sending vague emails about keeping the break room clean, they can all talk together and collaborate and come to a compromise about what should be done. These two articles were well written and should be used as reference points for anyone who is having trouble with another person.

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