An Article On Consumption And The Food Industry Essay

An Article On Consumption And The Food Industry Essay

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Documented Essay on Consumption
Nutrition is an important part of human existence. In the U.S., the food industry is a
crucial sector of the economy because it directly affects every citizen. Food culture and
consumption in America has changed drastically over the last hundred years. This is due to
technology advancements and the increased participation of large firms in the food industry.
Fast food and processed food have recorded the largest growth in profit and sale over the last
fifty years (Rubin 430). Leading voices in the food industry have had different views on the
dynamics of contemporary food consumption. Michael Pollan believes that the western diet is
harmful to an individual’s health and should be replaced. On the other hand, Mary Maxfield
believes that individuals should trust their mind and body in making dietary decisions. Food
consumption in the USA has been negatively impacted by the increase in corporate
participation due to the overemphasis of such entities on profit over quality and the
manipulation of culture, technology, laws and regulation to improve profit margins.
The analysis of the American food culture and current consumption is important in
understanding the scope of the problem. American culture’s most iconic cuisine is fast food
and is the largest fast food industry in the world .The fast food industry employs close to five
million people and feeds over fifty million people a day (Lalor 70). It is successful because of
the low cost and high returns associated with fast food. However, there have been ethical
concerns over the unhealthy nature of such foods. Over the years, Americans have preferred
to cook less and consume more packaged or fast food. This has led to firms putting billions
into target...

... middle of paper ...

...hese problems
Large firms have a big impact on food culture in America. They have large financial
resources and influence on both federal and local government. The primary objective is to
make a profit. To protect the consumer, the government should set adequate rules and
regulations (Lalor 157). The food industry is a big part of American culture. It is important to
safeguard consumers and provide adequate information on dangers of foods that are currently
on the market.
Food consumption in the USA has been negatively impacted by the increase in
corporate participation and has led to many diet-related illnesses. Firms in the food industry
have been unable to regulate themselves and have continued to produce unhealthy and
substandard food (Lalor 159). I believe the government should take an active role in the food
industry to make sure all food that is sold is healthy

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