Essay on An Art Museum At Six Years Old

Essay on An Art Museum At Six Years Old

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Our childhoods are full of experiences most likely taken for granted. As children, we are forced to explore the world beyond through education, field trips, and observation but feelings of obligation build up. Strolling through an art museum at six years old was tedious; the only part that remains in memory is recess, lunch and being with peers. As schooling progressed, there was an emphasis on note-taking, documentation, and reflection at these museums. What was the one piece that spoke to you? In 250 words or more, describe why that piece was your favorite and use the keywords we’ve been studying. As adults, art begins to transform and touch us in ways never before possible. With age comes the understanding of beauty and the realization that the different mediums of art can evoke our senses. Art museums, orchestras, and literature transform the world around us, thrusting us into alternate universes. A song or piece that resonates with us can take us back in time and help us celebrate, mourn, or inspire. What beauty is can only be described by the individual experiencing the piece of art. Beauty inspires communication through humans from piece to piece.
Horace Kallen sought to create the idea that beauty is meant to be used as a tool for religion and industrialization. Ultimately, artists are producers who manipulate their tools to create something tangible that can be grasped by a wide assimilation of people. But beauty is more than the hardware for a fundamental principle and has many more elements than Kallen cares to explain. There cannot be a definition for something so ephemeral as beauty. Beauty is the green grass of your hometown after spending a year in the city lights. Walking along the beach, the waves are crashing a...

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...he idea of beauty is impossible to define, for it is composed of many different elements that have a deep relationship to one another. Horace Kallen uses concrete examples to simplify the term, such as beauty as use and practicality. However, beauty can shift its shape. It may start as an evolutionary instinct to be attracted to color, but transcend nature and challenge perspective. Beauty cannot remain stagnant and changes as the clock ticks, but often finding solace in vintage pieces. Human interaction with the different pieces is essential for a relationship with art. A painting, song, novel, or piece of fabric can communicate with individuals like a long lost relative or new found lover. We fail to recognize this connection when we are young, but eventually come to realize that beauty is all around us. We find a companionship in art that can never be replicated.

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