An Appeal For Save Life On Earth Essay

An Appeal For Save Life On Earth Essay

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In The Creation: An Appeal to save life on earth, E.O. Wilson claims that the sixth mass extinction for humanity has started to take progress and will be as devastating like the last years of the Eremozoic Era, and that humanity must take a stand to either evolve with the changing environment or change the whole environment around us by integrating genetic engineering (91).
In the 21st century, products that were grown in a test tube are inevitable in our life. Genetic engineering has become more advance over the last decade, and it is making our lives easier and more dependent on it. Science has gone so far enough to where creating a clone of another human being has become a reality. When do we truly know we have unlocked the full potential of genetic engineering and when to “stop playing god?” Some may argue that manipulating an organism 's genetic code can lead to frightening events such as an epidemic or mass genocide. The scientific breakthroughs achieved with this technology can make lives easier and save animals and mankind from mass extinction in the near future.
Some may not even notice, but humans use products that were genetically engineered to fit our lifestyle for ages. The foods that we consume such as vegetables or meat from the local grocery market are all products of this bizarre science. Genetic Engineering, as Easterbrook has stated, is the manipulation of any organism’s genetic matter to augment it, ranging from enhancing growth of agriculture under any harsh environment (1). Within the branch of genetic engineering, cloning is the more controversial topic. Cloning is the act of creating a duplicate of another species by inputting its DNA into an embryo (Brock). A full human clone has not been produced yet d...

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...ason to single her out is that she has the same genetic material as another sheep living on that farm. She does not harm other or pass any mutations to other sheeps. Examples like these prove that not only have science achieved genetic cloning, but also stepped one step closer to actual human cloning.
Only a small population believe that the act of cloning is unethical, and it may be hard to confront them with the truth. If lab rats or genes of other species are duplicated for the purpose of science, the opposer would rarely speak up against. How is a human clone different from a lab rat clone? Both born in a test tube and both used for the good of humankind. Cloning could one day revive animals that were once unimaginable to clone because those animals were extinct for millions of years. The day armageddon happens, genetic cloning could revive life back to earth.

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