An Annotated Bibliography : Article, And Response, An Argumentative Essay

An Annotated Bibliography : Article, And Response, An Argumentative Essay

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This past semester I was enrolled in DE English 112 at both Brooke Point High School
and Germanna Community College. In the span of a few months, I accomplished the following
essays: an annotated bibliography, a summary and response, an argumentative essay, a literary
analysis, and a multi-genre essay. The argumentative essay and the literary analysis were
submitted to Smarthinking, a Germanna sponsored writing center, where professors critiqued
each essay in categories such as main idea/thesis, content development, grammar and mechanics,
organization, and word choice. All other essays were critiqued by my peers. With the help of
Mrs. Miller, the Smarthinking e-structors, and my peers, I feel that I have improved the quality
of my writing greatly over this last semester.
The process I go through to write a paper has significantly improved by becoming more
structured than it has been in years past. Each of the papers assigned this semester required a
heavy amount of reading before we could even begin typing out the first words of the assignment
and I feel that I conducted an appropriate amount of research for each paper. However, I do
admit, that the process in which I collected my research for each paper varied from each other.
The summary and response and the argumentative essay only required us to collect our data from
the They Say, I Say book that was issued to us in class, so I organized those papers based on the
structure of the book itself and arranged each of the articles by their similarities. Conversely, the
literary analysis and the multi-genre essays were approached in a more “stop and go” manner; I
would conduct a bit of research on a certain aspect of the assignment and then I would write that
portion of the paper onl...

... middle of paper ... hook, but someone else’s. I also
struggle with adding new ideas into my concluding paragraph, which is something that I noted in
my last reflection, but I am beginning to learn to morph that new idea into a statement that
explains the purpose and the intent behind my paper instead of simply a floating idea. With
some more time and practice, I know that I will master the art of concluding my essays
I certainly still have some distance to cover in regards to my writing, but overall I am
impressed with the growth I have made so far. Although the work in this class was challenging
and even frustrating at times, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the improvement in
my writing I have seen this past semester. As I move onto college now, I will take the lessons I
have learned from this course and apply them to all my future writing assignments.

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