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In “An Animals Place,” by Michael Pollan, he discusses the atrocious pain animals face every day to support the public. Although, “The Omnivores Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuas” by Blake Hurst, annotates the mandatory tactics a farmer has to execute to support the growing population with limitless food. The Population is constantly growing, and we have to have a food system to continue to grow with us, however without one the public could go hungry.
In the article, “An Animals Place” by Michael Pollan, he debates many controversial topics concerning humans and animal relationships towards cruelty and rights. Pollan begins with the discussion on whether or not animals have feelings or rights, even though the author agreed others had said otherwise. Pollan adds “The question is not; can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?” (qtd. in Bentham 364). Bentham is asking why humans do not think animals have rights, when babies cannot talk nor reason but they for some reason have rights. This is a good question because humans constantly fight for equality for everyone but we tend to leave out that animals need rights too. Furthermore, Pollan discusses factory farms unethical behavior to farm animals. Factory farms have become a large part of our food production, it has provided our uprising population with large amount of pork, beef and also chicken but the process is cruel. Pollan explains how American Factory Farms are injecting animals with hormones so that they can mutate them to our pleasure, for an example, they inject chickens with hormones to make their breast bigger. Also, factory farms are mutating animal instincts to the point they are standing ankle dip in their own feces, which is then making them sick...

... middle of paper ..., then we can successfully nourish our minds as well as our bodies.
In conclusion, both article make very logical points, Pollan believes organic farming is the best bet at protecting our environment, while giving vital nutrition people need. However, Hurst does not think organic farming could provide our growing population the fast production, and reasonable priced food they need. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with Hurst, when it comes down to choosing affordable food against healthier and unaltered food I would choose the affordable food. I constantly complain about the pricing of food already so, if our population had to only depend on the agricultural choice of organic I do not think I would be eating as much as I do currently. Given these points, Affordable, rapid production industrial farming is the only way we can provide food and support our people.

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