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Anesthesiologists face many issues, one of the most important being drug shortages. These drug shortages are on some of the most vital anesthetics, those used on a daily basis. These shortages result in numerous problems not only for the physicians, but also for the patients because it creates different side effects and creates hazards in the hospitals. Although still developing, some solutions have risen that might help alleviate the drug shortages even though they are not as effective as expected.
Many of the drugs on shortage are used on a day to day basis. Besides that, the amount of drugs on shortage have increased significantly over the years. On a nationwide survey, the majority of anesthesiologists confirmed at least one drug on shortage, and also reported that the substitute affected the patient more than the actual drug would have (“Grassroots Group Says Anesthesia Drug Shortage Caused by GPOs”). This means that patients would have longer recovery time, which lowers the number of surgeries that can be performed within a specific time period. The drug shortage has become so widespread that even the federal government is interested now. The fact that the federal government has gotten involved shows just how serious the issue has become. Between 2005 and 2010, the drug shortage has become so severe that it has almost tripled (“Drug Shortages Fact Sheet”). The majority of hospitals reported experiencing a drug shortage which affected the patients’ surgeries, cancer treatments and pain control. Examples of the drugs on shortage include propofol, which is a short-acting sedative, and succinylcholine, which is used in rapid sequence intubation. The drug propofol is ideally used in ambulatory situations (Rabinowitz). Another sh...

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