An Analytical Review Of The Current Literature Essay

An Analytical Review Of The Current Literature Essay

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Article Review
The objective of this researcher was to conduct an analytical review of the current literature, which involved comparing higher education institutions in Argentine and Finland. During, this process, I found some very interesting similarities, including America’s institutional influence on higher education between the two countries. Upon, comparing both countries in higher education, it became obvious one has to determine if an evaluative or assessment process, appropriately gives respectable merit to each country and their programs. However, “the concepts of evaluation and assessment as parallel concepts are used without any attempt to homogenize them, because they have different connotations in Finland and in Argentine” (Mollis, M. & Valimaa,J. 2004, p.69).
Therefore, many of the similarities mentioned in the article also share a commonality with America institutions such as the drop-out rate among students, state/ federal funding, assessment and institutional autonomy towards curriculum matters. Certainly, the drop-out rate among first time college students is a troubling trend, which is a major concern on many campuses. “Findings from the most recent Beginning Postsecondary Students (BPS) cohort, which is composed of students who first enrolled in the 2003-04 academic year, indicate that about one-third of the students who began at public two-year institutions had earned credentials after six years, nearly half did not graduate or was no longer enrolled” (Baum, S., Kurose, C. & McPherson, M. (2013, p.22). Unfortunately, the statistics don’t fare any better at four-year institutions, “about two-thirds had earned credentials after six years and about one-fourth were no longer enrolled” (Baum, S., Kurose, C...

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...little detail involved, “requiring staff to achieve performance targets and output objectives.” How is this evaluated and measured for those instructors who teach at higher institutions, what would be the criteria involved with such an approach?
I think many institutions in our country have positioned themselves as some of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world, famous for its world renowned education and scholars, who contributed to society in meaningful ways. Despite, our global appeal we can certainly learn from other countries in their pursuit of challenging, America’s hierarchy in higher education. However, as some of the literature suggested we a have a real daunting task ahead of us when it involves education as a whole, if this problem continues to exist, certainly America’s reputation is seen globally as less than desirable one.

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