An Analysis of the Two Founders of Career Therapy, John L Holland and Donald E. Super

An Analysis of the Two Founders of Career Therapy, John L Holland and Donald E. Super

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The focus of this paper is to critically compare and contrast the two founders of Career Therapy, John L. Holland and Donald E. Super. Both these theorists spent a life time dedicated to refining helpful tools for use in making vocational choices. Mark Savickas a protégé of Super talks about how both these amazing theorists have influenced his own Narrative approach.
“ From Super I learned the importance of the developmental perspective. From Holland I learned that you are wasting your time if you are doing science that doesn’t have practical applications.”(Collin, 2001, p.124).
Both these theorists believe in differentiation but in very different ways. John Holland focuses on the present problem at this given point in time. He offers the client the opportunity to explore six different interest types, Realistic, Investigative, Artistic , Social, Enterprising and Conventional(Amundson, Bowlsbey, Niles, 2009,p.12-13). How the client scores on these interest types is known as the differentiation from the highest to lowest scores. Holland uses these scores to create a profile which wi...

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